January 2023

hallo! wir laden dich zum maifest ein und freuen uns sehr auf dich!

Roll & Radsport In Müncheberg!
Friday, April 28th 2023

Ein Areal in Müncheberg für Alle.

hallo! wir laden dich zum maifest ein und freuen uns sehr auf dich!

Czentrifuga @ Sauvage de Bruxelles
Saturday, March 18th 2023

18 March - Czentri allstars will be present at this years Sauvage de Bruxelles

Site Migration
Thursday, January 5th 2023

We're migrating to a new content management system. The old photo archive:

February 2023

Czentrifuga is a catch-all collective name for a diverse mix of grassroots Rohkultur artisans based at Ostkreuz in Berlin. The space offers Jekami! \n workshops (Jeder Kann Mitmachen! = Everyone Can Join in)  for \nsilkscreenprint, music;  upcycling deco,costume & performance (Gogo \nTrash);  2D and Clay animation. Czentrifuga was created by the association Unter Druck Kultur von der Strasse e.V. in 2001 in the Berlin Mitte area in order to expand the portfolio towards graphic arts as a measure of adult education and provide new studio spaces for creative adult learning for the homeless and socially marginalized.

February 2015

Achtung!\n Brexit or not, the foreigners are coming! the folks from Czentrifuga, \nPappsatt & Co. (Berlin) join forces with Drop the Dumbulls Gallery, Projectile Vomit\n & Fulton Warehouse Crew (3 x Liverpool) in this international \nmusic, performance, installation and infotainment festival - under the \nmotto Reclaim Your City and highlighting the protest against the \nDevelopment of Liverbuildings for "student" accommodation throughout \nLiverpool and the Liverpool  docklands area.

February 2023

Address: Markgrafendamm 24c, 10245, Berlin