Achtung! Brexit or not, the foreigners are coming! 

No Wall in Liverpool - Czentrifuga, Pappsatt & Co. in U.K at Drop the Dumbulls Gallery, ex Bull Pub

July 2016

Achtung! Brexit or not, the foreigners are coming! the folks from Czentrifuga, Pappsatt & Co. (Berlin) join forces with Drop the Dumbulls Gallery, Projectile Vomit & Fulton Warehouse Crew (3 x Liverpool) in this international music, performance, installation and infotainment festival - under the motto Reclaim Your City and highlighting the protest against the Development of Liverbuildings for "student" accommodation throughout Liverpool and the Liverpool  docklands area.


Protest Exhibition against the use of the Liver-buildings as "student" accommodation.

- Outdoor daytime space: Warehouse Garden. Springbok Visuals / Pappsatt (De) decor/visual protest. - L15 cinema cooperative. - Indoor nightime space:

Drop The Dumbulls Gallery with Projectile Vomit Visuals. - The Resonator Interactive Bass Bouncy Castle. - Uber Tuber" 'Traditional Jacket Potatoes with a Twist’.

(Live) Amanda & The Common Ears. Aardvark. Jaques Malchance - Organ Phantom Chips. Cavalier Song. Scousenbluten feat. Bastardcunt. Shamen yew. Noname Holmes. The Bendal Interlude. The Dj Potato Donavon. Pete Mugstar. President Business. D.J. Trees. Joe Hirons. Tea Tree. Paul Tarpey James Binary. MAUND. Kepla. Mouldy Soul. Jazz Hands. Shifty Beats. Joel Alone. Ukulele Huff Trio. Dulta Happy Fun Time. Cowabunga Gaydude. DJ Phileas Frogg Germanger. AKASA. Jaques Malchance - Vinyl ( BOG FM) Chinsniffer . sHiTmAt - Galaxy Wolf . ISOCORE. Veteran Crew. Tony Loco. Oddbwah. Wocky. DJ Buddha Jez mort. Rummage Orchestra. Pastafoureyes Your Favourite Muslim & Jimmy The Angry . Becky & The Band. Dialectical. Alice Dee (MC). Spezial - K. Last Word Dogs. taeb tü. Maos Rache Soundsystem. GoGoTrash. Jekami. Die Todesspirale (cat performance) Walrus Sound System. Long Finger Bandits.

Spoken Word: Jimmy The Angry. lethargic blinker. Miss Lexi. Chairman Miaow Foxy Sweet Shop. Lanlinds. Mark Greenwood. Paul Tarpey.

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